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The simple truth is, as the population of Baby Boomers moving into their Golden Years continues to grow, so does the need to provide a more efficient way to deliver higher-quality healthcare to seniors.


That's why Provider Health Services (PHS) exists. We're a unique healthcare service organization where innovation and personal passion about the well-being of people are hallmarks of how we operate. It provides the impetus for our Foundation of Care, the cornerstone for everything we do.  Provider Health Services is, in short, an employer of uniquely skilled and talented Providers (Physicians and Nurse Practitioners) practicing in Post-Acute settings across America.  PHS provides an innovative solution to the increasing transitional care challenges in post acute settings, such as Skilled Nursing Facilities, In-Patient Rehabilitation Facilities, Nursing Facilities, and Assisted Living Facilities. 

Each and every day, PHS Practitioners make a difference in the lives of so many people...and not just the residents and patients they care for.  Families, Nurses, Staff, Administration of Nursing Facilities, etc. all appreciate and respect the work we do and the unique manner in which we do it. 


In the end, as a direct result of our unique practice model, our focus on the continual education of post acute care and geriatric medicine, and our nurse-driven bedside manner, we are not simply revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered to seniors, we are transforming lives by helping seniors live better and their families understand more. Learn more about PHS, and why we stand out as a leader in the industry.

The need for a better healthcare solution continues to grow every year.

Foundation of Care
Learn more how our PHS Foundation of Care makes a difference for patients and their families, long-term care facilities, hospitals and doctors.
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