Patients and their Families

Standing out by improving quality of life.

A single focus. A common bond. A shared vision. By people who have a passion for caring about the well-being of the growing population seniors and their families. Physically. Medically. Emotionally.

Every day we strive to improve the way healthcare is delivered to seniors in a variety of long-term care settings. Whether it's a nursing home, retirement community, or their own homes, dedicated PHS nurse practitioners collaborate with Attending Physicians and Medical Directors to ensure that patients get the best quality care possible in an efficient and timely manner.

Peace of mind from knowing that patients are getting the quality care they deserve is priceless. It's one of the fundamental principles behind our Foundation of Care, and why PHS nurse practitioners serve as a vital communications link between the care center and physician, and the patient and their family or other designated caretakers on a regular basis. 

Decency is what counts. We believe your own soul is nourished when you are kind and compassionate to others. Since the start, our company's care for the individual's well-being has blossomed into a deep sense of responsibility for all of society by taking care of the people who once took care of us.

A single focus. A common goal. A common good. That's what PHS is about. And that makes all the difference for patients and their families.