Clinical Mission

Standing out, by reaching out into the community to deliver better care.

We cannot emphasize it enough; we believe our senior population deserves the best care that we are able to offer. This includes prompt assessments, appropriate and timely follow-up care, and a plan of care designed to meet both their short term and long range goals. It's a goal every employee in the company shares and puts into action daily.

We also understand that a vital element of delivering effective care in this setting is for all healthcare providers to take into account a patient's (and their family's) individual wishes regarding the direction, purpose, and extent of their care. That's one of the many things that makes our Collaborative Care approach so valuable in the post-acute and long-term care setting.  

Given the variety of challenges inherent in healthcare today, and particularly in the post-acute care setting, it's critical to the mission of enhanced personalized care for seniors that all healthcare providers involved with these patients work as an interdisciplinary team to provide a higher standard of individualized care.

Our mission and our pledge