Role of the PHS NP

Standing out, by attracting and retaining the best-qualified people.

PHS Nurse practitioners play THE critical role in defining how quality long-term healthcare is delivered to seniors in the facilities we serve. You're part nurse practitioner, part entrepreneur, part steward, and part liaison, all with the background and compassionate foundation of having been a front-line nurse. You are the face of our company, empowered to carry out our Clinical Mission and collaborate with long-term care facilities and physicians to ensure that the patients we serve receive the quality of care and personalized attention they deserve.

Being a PHS nurse practitioner is a unique and rewarding life-changing opportunity that can truly make a difference for patients and their families-and your career. As part of our commitment to you, we'll assist in helping deliver this care through supportive efforts to expand your educational pursuits, practice development, and clinical expertise.

A recent response from one of our PHS Nurse Practitioners to an email congratulating her on her one year anniversary with PHS tells the story from the practitioner's perspective:

"Thank you!  I can't express in words how amazing PHS is!  I love working for PHS and you all still amaze me with your professionalism, punctuality, organization, and follow-up!  The systems you all have in place seem to be working wonderfully.  From my perspective, you all have it together!  
I remain so grateful to DG (PHS Director of Recruiting) for providing me with this opportunity one year ago.  It brought me to tears when I was offered the job.  It was for my family that I ventured out to find a new NP position.  I was working a 10 am - 6 pm shift Monday - Friday at a rural primary/urgent care clinic, which I really loved, but the hours just weren't suitable for my family's needs.  Now with the flexibility PHS allows, I am able to be a better mom, wife, and practitioner."  
Thanks again for everything!  I have been blessed in so many ways over the past year since I started working for PHS.  I absolutely love my job!"
                                                                                    A.R., APRN in Louisiana

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