A commitment to improve the quality of care, and efficiency of our partners

PHS Services

Standing out, by offering industry leading provider services.

Every day we strive to find the right balance between compassion and competitiveness, the short and the long term. Our company culture is built on continuous improvement, and a commitment to collaborate with everyone who shares our goals. As a result, partnering with Provider Health Services helps achieve a positive impact on many different levels, for our corporate partners and their care facilities, and the patient.

The services we offer are reflective of our commitment to improve the way quality healthcare is delivered to seniors, and improve the efficiency and bottom line for our partners. Because our care providers specialize in geriatric care and utilize the latest in healthcare information technology, we believe that we're better equipped to partner with physicians, medical directors and long-term care centers to deliver a very high acuity of care with superior record-keeping for their patient. It also enables our corporate partners in long-term care centers to deliver quality care more cost-efficiently, and achieve greater patient satisfaction.

Learn more about how PHS services benefits corporate partners, back office operations, data management and information sharing and patients and their families.