Corporate Partners

Standing out by standing together.

Innovation and vision are keys to our business. We understand that we must foresee change and use it to our advantage. That's why we actively engage and collaborate with our corporate partners to help meet their business goals, while elevating the quality of care to seniors.

Today, healthcare providers must contend with unprecedented challenges and a variety of factors confronting care for the elderly. Unsustainable operational costs and pressure from expanding regulations and compliance are converging on an ever increasing senior population, with demand for services that outstrip capacity for the level of care needed, and a systemic shortage of qualified healthcare professionals.

In light of this, we are as optimistic about the future as we've ever been. Embedding a PHS nurse practitioner in a care facility nearly always provides for an active engagement and collaboration between professionals in that facility never experienced before, importantly helping our corporate partners achieve their goals of providing a higher level of care to a higher acuity patient population each and every day.

Dedicated PHS Care Providers Help Communities Meet Their Goals in Several Important Ways

Quality of Care 
Studies, as well as our experience, have shown that PHS Care Providers can improve quality by working with the community staff to deliver the right "individualized" patient care, at the right time, in the right setting.

Business Enhancement
Assisting the community in caring for more clinically complex residents makes the community more attractive to hospitals and health plans. Working closely with area hospitals also assures continuity of care and improves the working relationship between the long-term care provider and the acute care communities.

Market Differentiation
Dedicated, full-time Provider staff can make a community stand out in the market. We encourage the community to communicate the presence of their PHS Providers to hospital discharge planners, Hospitalists, health plan case managers, prospective residents, and families.

Involved PHS Nurse Practitioners, providing individualized and timely care, will increase the satisfaction of residents and families with the facility, as well as the community staff themselves. 

Continuing Education
Our Providers receive continuing training on long term care and participate in the PHS Quality Improvement (QI) and Legal and Regulatory Compliance Programs. We also provide staff education, quality assurance programs, and consultation as needed, including the following Educational Modules to assist in meeting your facility's educational needs (including education to meet state surveyor guidelines):

  • Normal Aging
  • Fall Prevention
  • Pressure Ulcers: Assessment & Treatment
  • Urinary Incontinence Management
  • Dehydration and Intra-Vascular Volume Depletion
  • Bowel Programs
  • Dementia Care & the Proper Environment - Diabetes Management in Elders
  • Hypertension/Cardiovascular
  • Disease Management