Patient and Family Services

Standing out, by improving the quality of life

Patient satisfaction is vital to the ongoing success of any long-term care center. We believe Provider Health Services is uniquely positioned to help improve patient satisfaction, by improving the efficacy of patient care, and delivering quality care in a timely and more cost-effective manner.

Our Foundation of Care philosophy of embedding a PHS nurse practitioner in your facility to assist with patient care provides a value far beyond the obvious. It frees up your staff and physicians to attend to other areas of need, greatly improving the efficiency of your staff. As a result, this improves the services that you can provide to your patients, decreases the number of calls to you and your office, and helps your facility meet state and federal regulatory guidelines. 

This has a direct correlation with having a positive impact on patient, family and staff satisfaction, which are key determinants of the utilization of inpatient services, pharmaceuticals, and testing. 

Importantly, PHS nurse practitioners provide peace of mind by serving as a vital communications link between the care center, the patient and their family or other designated caretakers on a regular basis.