PHS Information Gateway

Standing out, through advanced information technology.

One major element that sets us apart is our Information Gateway. It's a free service we offer that allows our advanced information technology to seamlessly interface our electronic medical records (EMR) with those of our corporate partners.


As a result, our Information Gateway has proven to be an invaluable tool for the care facility medical director, and the attending physician because it provides them with access to complete electronic medical records (EMR), and allows for the tracking of quality of care, as well as provides valuable information for clinical research and outcome reporting.


Because our PHS practitioner captures key electronic medical data at the point of care, it eliminates extensive paperwork, which, in turn, allows them to see more patients in less time, and increases reimbursements and improved record keeping. It also helps enhance the efficiency and functionality of the back office services.

In the near future, our Information Gateway will include a PHS Care Center Portal, which will give the medical director and attending physician the ability to track and monitor a patient's daily healthcare 24/7, even from a mobile setting. We are also developing a PHS Patient Portal, which will allow family members and caregivers to monitor a patient's daily healthcare whether delivered in the facility or at home.